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PD3 by ZebrASkin44 PD3 by ZebrASkin44
Topic: Lemon Meringue
Fabric: Patterned Georgette, Linen, Faux-Fur
Color Scheme: Dark Green, Lime Green, White

I apologize...this week i've been super busy and really didn't have time to think this challenge through with comfort. I would have been more innovative, but promise to make up a huge comeback and get back on track with the next challenge.

Honestly, I didn't think the challenge made sense in terms of designing for the kegger fraternity party because the fabric swatches given were all so pretty and stylish. I would have done the keggar party design if I saw a fabric more appropriate...especially the fabric patterns. Of course we had the option of inserting solids and other fabrics with these fabrics given, but...I suppose we should have or were supposed to use the fabrics given at the largest amounts or volume to show a "chosen" fabric to present for Lemon Meringue. Also...were designing a "new look" for this store. I would think that this new look wants to sell right? I wouldn't think designing for a keggar party would sell with the most sales...people wouldn't know its specifically a keggar dress without it being written out or told which is rediculous.

The plain inspiration I had was Lemon Meringue pie. Predictable...I know, lol...but I was busy this week. I chose the most print out of the fabrics that gave a pie-esque look...and made the model look like a delicious treat with a classic silhuoette...but with a modern print that really popped. To sell this new look...I made the design focus on just the clothes, so I drew her body translucent and un-noticeable.

For the transformation, I of course chose to design for a more formal fraternity party. The fraternity wear starts out as an above the knee length dress with a white linen shoulder ring trim, and a white linen belt with bow-tie giving the top a draped look. Once the white belt is removed, and then placed back on the waist...the dress lengthens and has a more evening-wear appearance to's more elegant, elongated and more fit for a stroll down a night on the city. I gave her shades, and a reversible hat and purse. The hat gets turned over with the flap going inward...while the purse un zips and turns inside out making the fur lining become a faux-fur muff purse. I let it be faux-fur so the dress won't be rediculously expensive to buy with the keeps it modern, and appealing without having a turn off of a price tag.

Model: Lipstick
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Race: White
PK-PSDOL Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2006
nice colours zebra love the design well done
KKW2 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
Haha, nice. I'm back from Cali btw. XD
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April 11, 2006
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