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RCC4 by ZebrASkin44 RCC4 by ZebrASkin44
THEME: Warrior Queen
RACE: Human
COSTUME CONCEPT: Roman elegance
DETAILS: Escalade flare, fish-scale brass, lacing
COLOR SCHEME: Metallic gold, white


Again, not as abstract in concept with RCC1 and RCC2...this costume design was inspired by the Roman's and their armory. However, I wanted to take their armor-styled looks and transform it into my collection and what this queen would be wearing. I also got inspired by fish...ironically. Anyways, she's wearing a fish-scale brass corset with 8 cant see the 4 in the back, and a full length escalade-flared skirt cut in 2 and held together by leather lacing going in and out of brass rivet-holes. Her cape-sleeves are very, very dramatic compared to what a "cape" sleeve actually is in reality. A basic cape sleeve is just a sleeve thats about 5 inches long or so and has a small gathering in it to create a flare on the top of the arms. This cape sleeve covers the arms and hands and connects to eachother by having it flare from the back to the front making it a small-cape itself with brass intricate detailing coiling around the white fabric. The skirt has brass inserts on the hem as well as the sleeves hem. Her whole neck area is covered with leather lacing which substitutes for chainmail...a weaved silver metal peice of chain. For a queen, leather would be more delicate and appriopriate. The fish-scale detailing on the brass is my fish inspiration which the greeks were known to symbolize in their mythology. A lot of sea monsters were imagined and I wanted to incorporate that. The leather lacing was inspired by the greek sandle which was always intricately made for the feet and for royalties. The look is done with a full brass helmet with wings on the side and feathers to indicate her status.
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woo very chinese
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March 7, 2006
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