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Haute Couture 6 by ZebrASkin44 Haute Couture 6 by ZebrASkin44
After noticing Cruella's style and use of furs and different ways to wear furs I appreciated her exuberant and over-the-top flare to wear animal skins in different proportions, lengths and volumes. It really captured the 1960s and more so...the 1930's when fur was very popular in Paris and Haute Couture. I designed another dress strongly focusing on using fur, prints and in different patterns for construction. For this design, I used tiger print as the main base with black colored furs to accent the stripes within the tiger skin. It emphasized the mood of the dress and added more extravagance. The corset is molded and shaped by having two exaggerated fur petal-style patterns sewn right beneath with more smaller ones following through and ending in the unrealistic sweep at the bottom. If anyone has noticed, her skin is very much covered in many of her dresses both in the movie and designed by me. It's important because skin has a softening effect to it and having too much revealed becomes unpleasant based on her dark personality. Because of it, her flesh is always covered and taken over by vanity. It also puts her passion and lust for fur in it's own atmosphere.
ZebrASkin44 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006   Interface Designer
ThanX. I really push myself when designing for a customer/individual because making a client happy is always your goal. However...designing for an individual that's fictional and not real is a huge challenge because you really need imagination and vision to make the character stand also need to emphasize on their own style and own flare. With Cruella, I really examined every outfit she wore and her personality. Before I designed for her, I re-drew every single garment that was worn by her in the movie and thought things out. Every detail in all the sketches for her have symbolic elements...and yes, even the smoke.
hazy-tinkah Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2006
the opera gloves look fantastic. and I love the way the smoke looks positively furious.
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January 26, 2006
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